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My name is Padmasri Suriyakumar and my daughter attended V.O.V Montessori for 4 years between 2013 and 2017.  One of her first teachers was Purvi and we couldn’t be happier with the solid and welcoming foundation that she set for her.  She was extremely welcoming and caring and really exemplified a fine balance between firm discipline and creating a warm, inviting learning environment for our child.  Our daughter flourished under her guidance and tuition since her first year.  

In parallel, Purvi was taking a leading role in the school, organizing the overall administration of the school and the teachers.  Throughout our years at V.O.V, we enjoyed tremendous service and detailed attention for our daughter’s care and education.  It was very easy to deal with Purvi for simple and complicated matters as she continuously approached every situation with a calm and professional attitude.  Purvi will be extremely successful in any environment that values: ethics, professionalism, personalized care and respect for parents and teachers.

– Padmasri Suriyakuma

My children attended a Montessori school for 4 years from 2010 to 2014 and during that time Purvi was their teacher as well as the school supervisor. I’m incredibly thankful to the school and in particular Purvi for the solid foundation that they provided my children.

Purvi was outstanding in managing the class as well as caring for the children as if they were her own. She was a great administrator who ran the school as a truly professional organization that contributed to the school’s reputation as a lighthouse of quality education.

I wish Purvi all the very best in her future endeavors.

– Pracheta Sharma

My 4 year old can try my patience on a good day! Getting her to school sometimes can be quite challenging. But not on the days Ms Bella is going to be there! Those are the days she is so excited to go that I don’t even have to ask her twice! Not only does she look forward to seeing Miss Bella but she has learned so much from her. I couldn’t ask for a more caring and supportive teacher. Thanks for making learning so much fun for her!

– Ms. S. Raja

I have known Bella Suchak for a total of eight years.  I worked with her for five years in the classroom, and the three remaining years through Stretch-n-Grow.  While working in the classroom she created both nurturing and stimulating learning environment for the children.  

Her positive and enthusiastic personality results in a great report with the students, parents and staff members. She is a good communicator and handles situations in a very pleasant and professional manner.  She is a hard worker who is well organized and is efficient in classroom management. The children thoroughly enjoy her company and interactions. She is always ready and eager to start her day with a smile on her face, she welcomes the children with kind words.  She is an asset with plenty to offer to any organization.

– Ms. Connie Henriques

“We would like to thank My First Montessori School Canada for providing an amazing year of remote learning for our daughter! We joined MFMS for the academic year of 2021-2022 in their Upper Casa Kindergarten Program for the ages of 5-6. While other in-person schools around us kept closing due to the covid19 pandemic, MFMS remained a much appreciated constant presence in our lives.

Our daughter absolutely loved the group classes with Miss Meera and the private tutoring sessions with Miss Stephanie! MFMS has created a truly multicultural online school that welcomes children from various backgrounds to share in the joy of learning! We are grateful to MFMS teachers for being so patient, open-minded and flexible, and for always encouraging curiosity, kindness, independent thinking and freedom of self-expression in our daughter!”

– Paulina Comendant, Moldova